• QCEA works to bring Quaker values to the European institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg.


QCEA brings a vision of peace, justice and equality to Europe and its institutions. We advocate for a new approach to security, focusing on nonviolent approaches to conflict. We promote policies that recognise the intrinsic equality of all people everywhere and reduce fear of the ‘other’. In addition to our staff in Brussels, QCEA is governed and supported by Quaker communities from across Europe.




Quaker Council for European Affairs AISBL
Siège social: Square Ambiorix 50 – 1000 Brussels, BelgiumTel.: +32 (0) 2 230 49 35
N° d’entreprise: 0420.346.728 – RPM Bruxelles
Bank account nr: BE58 2100 5598 1479
Website: www.qcea.org    Email: office(at)qcea.org