Around Europe #396 – out now!

The cover of Around Europe entitled "Transforming the World, One Pieace at a Time"

We’re excited to introduce the most recent edition of Around Europe, QCEA newsletter.

Within the edition, we explore a world in dire need of peace, especially in the face of formidable challenges. We emphasize the vital importance of incorporating peaceful practices into our daily lives.

In the midst of these challenges, the edition shines a spotlight on key issues. The EU Asylum System negotiations have taken a significant step forward, though concerns about their impact on asylum procedures and human rights persist. New EU Climate Action Commissioners have stepped into leadership roles, prompting questions about their ability to effectively address the climate crisis and advocate for climate justice. Moreover, as the upcoming European elections approach, they offer an opportunity to demand a stronger commitment to climate justice, vital for a just and peaceful transition.

We also invite you to discover the heartwarming Loving Earth Exhibition hosted at Quaker House, where creativity and environmental concerns intersected!

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