British Friends of QCEA

British Friends of QCEA (BFofQCEA) exists to support, promote and encourage engagement with the work of QCEA, amongst Quakers in Britain. We are a registered charity in the UK and have our own body of trustees.

Our main activities include fundraising for QCEA, presenting talks on QCEA to our meetings and at larger Quaker events such as Britain Yearly Meeting, communicating with the QCEA team in Brussels and attending QCEA online events. Our Convenor is a member of the General Assembly of QCEA which meets every six months. Through this work, we connect Friends in Britain with wider Quaker work around Europe. Though our national contexts are different, Quaker voices contribute to more peaceful, just and environmentally conscious policy-making in Europe and in the way it interacts with the rest of the world.

Contact British Friends of QCEA

To find out more about the work of this group contact the Clerk of BFofQCEA, Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormick

Invite QCEA to your local meeting!

British Friends of QCEA are happy to speak and share about QCEA and their work at Quaker meetings or area meetings. Please contact