This series of Briefing Papers aims to outline the work of the European Union (EU) in the field on Peacebuilding, how it is involved in Conflict Zones and International Actors (illustrated by Case Studies). The papers are intended to act as an introduction to this topic and to help provide understanding of the EU’s work in this field.

Please note for the purpose of these Briefing Papers we are defining Peacebuilding as “the employment of measures to consolidate peaceful relations and create an environment that deters the emergence or escalation of tensions, which may lead to conflict.”

Briefing papers:

  1. The EU’s Role in Peacebuilding (pdf – 85 kb)
  2. The EU’s involvement in Bosnia & Herzegovina (pdf – 85 kb)
  3. The EU’s involvement in Africa (pdf – 79 kb)
  4. The EU relationship with the United Nations (pdf – 73 kb)
  5. The EU relationship with the United States (pdf – 75 kb)

The Briefing Papers are based on work done at the 2005 INCORE International Summer School Module on ‘EU Policies in EU Policies and Activities in Peacebuilding, Crisis Management and Resolution’. The views expressed are not those of INCORE, nor is this Briefing Paper endorsed by them.